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HideToolz 2.2(Vista & Windows 7) February 24, 2009

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HideToolz 2.2(终于支持Vista和Windows 7了)
This is version 2.2 of HideToolz. Version 2.1 did not work on Windows Vista SP1 or higher. I have modified the device driver so HideToolz now works on Vista SP1 through Windows 7. -Fyyre

- – -

HideToolz is a configurable GUI based utilility that allows hiding of RCE tools from annoying detection (such as Themida). It does so by kernel mode driver which hooks functions such as NtQueryInformationProcess, NtSetContextThread, NtQuerySystemInformation, NtOpenProcess, NtOpenThread, etc… allowing you to debug ‘protected’ applications easily.

Features include:
Hide Processes
Protect Processes
Hide Windows
Protection from Windows hooks
Emulation of partent process (sets parent pid of target PID to explorer.exe).
Anti-Anti debug features.

Runs very stable under Windows XP (all service packs). Please be aware some anti-virus detections HideToolz driver as a rootkit – this is basically correct, except HideToolz contains no payload, does not access any network api, etc… if you doubt, disasm the driver yourself.

If you are running Vista SP1+ you need to apply the vista shutdown fix\shutdown_fix_vista_only.reg to
the registry and reboot BEFORE running HideToolz. This patch disables kernel paging of device drivers, and fixes the problem
with BSOD at shutdown. You may apply this patch simply by double clicking the file and clicking “Yes” – this will set:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management

DisablePagingExecutive from its default of 0 to 1.

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2. Tom - March 26, 2009

where is the dl link?

3. Win - June 17, 2009

driver doesn\’t load in latest windows 7 (72xx build)

4. Lawrence - September 16, 2009

I can’t make it work on Windows 7, although it opens it doesn’t work.

5. brent - October 15, 2009

HideToolz cannot work on vista, because Vista is missing the “GPSVC.dll” file. Easy fix!…Find it! XD


also, previous version of HideToolz…


6. dylan tagle - October 25, 2009

anyone has hidetoolz for win7 build7600….this ver does not work…help pls tnxs

7. Drew - December 15, 2009

Im using windows 7 home and everytime I open this it crashes my computer and restarts it. Anyone know why it would do this?

8. brett - January 1, 2010

when I start HideToolz it shows a Driver Load Error 0xC0000022

9. giegiey - January 15, 2010

for window xp ?

10. asdkjlh - March 7, 2010

where is the link

11. naizer - March 19, 2010

does it make harm your computer??

matias - July 15, 2010

i cant make it run under windows 7
allways error.

12. name - July 5, 2010

w h e r e i s l i n k

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