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hide toolz [ALL] August 2, 2008

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HideToolz (ultimate crackers tools hider)

HideToolz is intended for hiding crackers tools from different protection trying define their presence.

1) Hiding processes from all possible ring3 methods of the finding.
2) Hiding windows from enumeration and searching for on the known name.
3) Protection processes from opening on the known pid (as well as from indirect methods of the opening).
4) Parental process emulation (for all visible processes runned from hidden, will be emulated parental process explorer.exe)
5) Protection from rebooting windows (and log all rebooting attempts).
6) Protection from formatting the disk (and log all formatting attempts).

Attention: access of the hidden processes unrestricted, and they can see the real system state.
For impossibility of the finding HideToolz file on disk, is recommended rename file and pack its any packer.
hide toolz 1.6


v. 2.0
translate form rus>eng:
Ready to release a new CD. The innovations introduced :
1) Protection against SetWindowsHookEx for hidden processes.
2) Access parent to the child (if hidden) foliage at the start of its first flow.
3) Anti-anti debugging (one option), which includes the following :
1-Protection from the debug port of the two-Protection
2-from ThreadHide From Debugger
3-validating hendlov transmitted ZwClose
4)Added compatibility with glucnam and curves KIS6 (yes otsohnut the hands of those who wrote)
5) Fixed small bugs. In updating the old version to the new, obligatory restart.


hide toolz 2.1



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1. I_say - August 10, 2008

i’d been download the other hidetoolz, but there was hidden trojan horse.

In your hidetoolz, is it any viruses?

2. nicky - August 30, 2008

@_@ tq

3. hasyim hidayat - September 13, 2008

The requested file was not found!!!!!!!!!!!

4. usan - June 2, 2009


5. dk - June 11, 2009

The “hide” function does not work…
do i need some sort of registry or dll file?
The “Kill” function still works.
I think i’ve done something when i used ComboFix
to delete some spywares, think it deleted the reg or dll

any suggestions?

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