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nice hacking ;) July 23, 2008

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nice video from a hacker ;)

DownloadLink: http://rapidshare.com/files/131919173/hackers_in_street.flv

ReCon 2008 videos , slides… July 23, 2008

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Conference Details

We’re pleased to announce our 2008 conference lineup. More talks will be added as they are confirmed.

The conference will be composed of 30 and 60 minutes talks on a single track, and will have lightning talks during Recon Party

all now available from the ReCon website



Ubisoft Cracks Own Game with Reloaded Fix July 23, 2008

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Probably all PC users know what a No-CD crack is – that small file which allows you to play a game you bought without having the CD or DVD inserted in the drive. However, such files are considered illegal and game developers go as far as stating that they promote piracy. And we must admit that it is indeed true: the No-CD fixes are generally used for piracy purposes.

The funny story comes from Ubisoft and their Rainbow Six Vegas 2 game released via Direct2Drive – the 1.02 version of the game was having some problems with the install process, so the developers hurried to release another patch, version 1.03.

In order to solve all the problems, the company used a No-CD crack – and indeed things were solved, the game is running fine, end of story. Apparently. Somebody from FileForums (a user named Twingo, to be more specific) found out that Ubisoft were in such a hurry to solve the problem that they “borrowed” the crack from cracking group Reloaded (the proof can be seen in the picture in the upper left corner). Reloaded, on the other hand, is an independent group that offers pirated software to users all over the world, thus hampering sales of PC games (or, at least that’s what game developers keep telling us).

This further means that, somehow, Ubisoft managed to break their own anti-piracy rules and, at the same time, commit piracy by stealing the crack (because, honestly, I doubt that the two groups worked together on this). A very, very funny situation which will probably be remembered for a long time by the gamers’ community – and we must admit we’re really curious to see how Reloaded will respond to the whole deal. Just imagine how hilarious the following headline would look in the newspapers: “Cracking group sues developers for stealing crack”.

The funniest thing is that Ubisoft has not tried to deny the news. In the official forums, community manager Ubi.Vigil said, “The file was removed from the site over a week ago now and the matter is being thoroughly investigated by senior tech support managers here at Ubisoft. Needless to say we do not support or condone copy protection circumvention methods like this and this particular incident is in direct conflict with Ubisoft’s policies”.


Amdumpv6.2 V2.0 By Condzero( full sources and two tutorials) July 23, 2008

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Note: the included pdf overview (from previous release).
Still applies to this version with the caveat that import rebuilding is. Included in this release for targets that don’t use the delayed import Option!!

* new noninvasive loader engine to run & dump activemark v6.2x targets.
* run program from its own folder, no need to copy Amdumpv62 to target folder to run.
* amdumpv62 will dump activemark v6.2x executables and, if necessary, Rebuild imports automatically for targets with delayed imports not enabled and finally append the overlay data to the end of the dumped file.

Special note:
* the import rebuilder will append an ‘_’ suffix to the end of the dumped File. (i.e. dumped.exe >> dumped_.exe similar to imprec). In these cases, the overlay data will be appended to the new dump name Automatically.
* sometimes it may be necessary to view the sections in a pe editor Program (i.e. lordpe or similar) because the dumper is Dependant on finding:
(4) .text/.text/.code/.code/etc sections in the executable
For delayed import targets
(3) for non delayed import targets.
If (3/4) sections are not found, then the executable may not be an activemark v6.2x application!!
* note: also dependent on finding (2) .bss/bss sections in The executable! These sections are used for storing needed data To run dump successfully!

* in order to insure the stability of your dumped.exe, it may be necessary to manually hexedit the dumped file and insert an instruction which moves hi-values to a dword hi-value variable used in the gettickcount api within the 3rd layer (2nd .text) in the executable. Please refer to the tutorial on dumping And analyzing activemark v6.2x on the [arteam] tutorial
Link: http://arteam.accessroot.com/tutorials.html?fid=211

Not responsible for any damages that result from using this tool!!

Arteam – you’re the best!!

Amdumpv62 – version 2.0 (march 2008)
1. New noninvasive loader engine based on Deroko’s nonintrusive loader (i.e. nodebug)
2. New arteam import rebuilder v1.1 (nacho_dj) for targets. That don’t use the delayed imports option
3. New log progress and results of the dump process
4. Separate threads for main gui and process



ARTeam collection FULL & UPDATE 2008-07-21 July 23, 2008

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ARTeam collection ,all tutorials, all tools & all eZine  is published plz for find more info about that go to this page:



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